Atmistique BilletBridge Comfort
Atmistique BilletBridge Comfort


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Atmistique BilletBridge Comfort
The Billet Box users had two options until today: Diver or a cartomizer. But what if you belong to those who avoid rebuildable atomizers, bored using the cartomizer and simultaneously envy the rich result of clearomizer? Atmistique BilletBridge Comfort is an adapter which allows you to use in the Billet Box the well known replacement heads Aspire Nautilus, turning it into… a clearomizer.The Nautilus heads are available almost everywhere like in our store. You can put it only to Boro type tanks. It is made from stainless steel AISI 304L and it is easy to use.
The package doesn’t contain the spare head Nautilus.
Atmistique BilletBridge Comfort is suitable for both Billet Box versions.
Atmistique Series
In order to satisfy some special needs for the vapers we designed and manufactured special products. Vaping products that are designed and made in Greece by high quality materials from Europe. From our country, they travel all over the world and they are highly appreciated by the world vapor community. But we do not stop here. Our journey continues! We hear your own wishes and we come up with ideas to make new innovative products at all times … To make your vape more enjoyable and your life… simpler. The Atmistique series has been created with emphasis on original design, high quality, and operational detail.