BILUX By SVT - Fulfillment Center
BILUX By SVT - Fulfillment Center
BILUX By SVT - Fulfillment Center


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BILUX is composed of Deck, bell and post in 303 steel,
insulators in Peek and housing for more liquids capacity and
closure of the tank made of Black Derlin.
Technical measures are very important to us. Bilux was born
with one goal, to have a wider autonomy without having to
proceed with many refills. We have expanded the capacity of
the standard tank to over 2.5ml and we have worked on the
consumption of the liquid, making sure that we can use the
strictly necessary for correct vaporization and with the right
BILUX was immediately conceived for mtl, has very compact
dimensions and a bell carefully sized and made to enhance
mainly tobacco eliquids
The bell, on the other hand, has three expansion phases, the
first being used to house cotton and posts; the second,
circular with a flat roof, serves to improve steam speed and
smoke. The final part of the chimney ends with an internal
diameter of 4mm
BILUX, also in its Lilliputian dimensions, offers comfort of
regeneration without comparison. No add-ons are required to
be able to mount it on a Tab or a box for coil's build and
activation. BILUX is equipped with native 510 thread.
Talking about the air hole, what all MTL lovers are waiting for,
1.00mm of entry and 1.8mm under coil, no compromise, we
don't love them and we are convinced that a demanding
"palate" prefers a specialized object. Yet Bilux's draw will be
able to surprise you, almost as if you don't believe that the air
hole is so small.
It is our belief, finally, that the build and the wicking of a
regenerable atom should not be complicated. The Bilux deck
measures 10mm by 13mm in the maximum dimensions. It can
accommodate single and complex wire coils on supports up to
2.5 mm